Goldilocks Methodology/Process Nonfiction Book Proposal Table of Contents (Sections of Your Book Proposal)

One of the most misunderstood things about a Nonfiction Book Proposal is the fact that it needs two Tables of Contents.

You asked…Why two?

Your Nonfiction Book Proposal itself needs a Table of Contents, and so does your book manuscript. Supplying one of these for your book proposal shows you’re organized, and it helps literary agents, editors, and other in-house publishing professionals quickly find the sections they want to read.

You will see the elements of your Manuscript Book Table of Contents in this separate Section dedicated to that part of your Nonfiction Book Proposal submission…

Goldilocks Methodology/Process Nonfiction Book Proposal Book Table of Contents Section and Chapter by Chapter  Outline/Summary

Your Book Proposal’s Table of Contents should contain the following Sections…

  • Cover/Title Page
  • Cover Letter
  • Query Letter previously submitted to the Literary Agent
  • Overview
  • Marketing: target markets
  • Competitive analysis
  • About the author
  • Promotion, HOW WILL you market your book
  • Book table of contents
  • Chapter by chapter summaries
  • Sample chapters

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