Goldilocks Methodology/Process: Nonfiction Book Proposal Table of Contents Section and Chapter by Chapter Outline/Summary

In this Section of your Nonfiction Book Proposal you are going to explain to your literary agent/publisher how your proposed book will be compiled/structured. It starts with a Book Table of Contents, not to be confused with your Nonfiction Book Proposal listing which was a compilation of the components that makes up your proposal itself.

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Goldilocks Methodology/Process: Nonfiction Book Proposal Table of Contents

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Your Nonfiction Book/Manuscript Table of Contents should include both section and chapter titles in the order in which they appear in your work.

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Section and Chapter-by-Chapter Summary/Annotation

The purpose of a chapter-by-chapter synopsis or annotated outline/summary is to give you (and your literary agent or publisher) an overview of the book’s structure. This will convince them that you know where you are going and shows how you are going to get there.

For each chapter, provide anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs to summarize what you will cover. To make it more appealing, include some intriguing case histories, anecdotes or data, if possible. Communicate how the chapters will build on each other and advance your thesis.

Section/Chapter Titles Should Be Engaging

You should pay particular attention to Section/Chapter titles. As with the book’s overall title, each one must be interesting and intriguing. In today’s environment, the mass media have negatively affected the attention span of the reading public. People rarely read a book in one sitting. Every time they pick it back up, the next chapter title has to convince them to keep reading. Therefore, it is extremely important that you “pull”

Your readers back into the book.

For example, just look at the difference between these chapter titles for a book on horse care…

Chapter Seven: “Caring for Your Horse’s Teeth”


Chapter Seven: “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: How to Prolong the Strength of Their Teeth”

The key point about writing these section/chapter outlines/summaries is to show that you’re organized and that you’ll cover all the essential aspects of your topic. If you structure this summary appropriately at the outset, you’ll also find that when you do get that book contract, writing the full manuscript is a lot easier, sometimes even less challenging than putting together this long and somewhat complicated Nonfiction Book Proposal.

Sample Chapter Outline with Annotations

Introduction: The Missing Course

As important as money is to our happiness and success, you would think our society would do a better job educating our children on how to manage their money. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t. Most high schools and colleges don’t provide such a course as an elective, let alone mandatory. If our children are going to successfully manage their finances, as parents, we must take responsibility for their education. This book will show you how.

Part One: The Road to Frustration and Misery

Chapter 1: A Rude Awakening

This chapter will open with the story of Tim, a recent college graduate who finds himself in deep trouble because of his inability to manage his own money. He is not alone. According to a recent (insert name of newspaper) poll, most Americans find themselves in the same boat. The inability to manage money leads to all kinds of suffering and frustration. In fact, most of them are broke by age sixty-five and dependent on the generosity of their own families or the resources of the federal government.

You continue on in this fashion, devoting one paragraph to each chapter.

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