Ghosting Services: Ghosting Your Book

Becoming an Author: Making Your Dream Come True!

They say that over 80% of people want to write a book but generally they need coaching along the way, does this sound like you?

Goldilocks acting as your coach and ghost writer can provide that handshake! She knows that of all the advantages that ghosting offers her the greatest is the opportunities that she gets to meet people of interest like you. It’s a license to ask the sort of questions that she truly wants to know, and to be allowed inside some of the most extraordinary stories.

Also, she imagines how thrilling it is to be paid to learn everything that is in your head and then turning your thoughts, words and notes into book form.

Could there be a better opportunity to receive this targeted education?

Goldilocks wants to share her methodology/process for taking your knowledge and turning it into a book manuscript that the public is eager to consume.

Whether you decide to play an integral part in the writing of your book, need some coaching along the way or simply want to hand over the whole manuscript writing process, Goldilocks is here to help you!

Let’s get started…

Our Initial Conversation

This meeting is all about deciding whether you and Goldilocks have the right chemistry to work together, after all the process of gathering information and writing the actual manuscript will take several months to complete. During this conversation, Goldilocks often asks several questions to get an overview of your project.


Goldilocks Sends You a Project Proposal which is customized for your specific needs. Once it is signed and the initial payment is made then we are ready to dig in and get started down the road toward publication of your book.

STEP 1: The Discovery Phase

(Average time: around 6 weeks plus/minus)

Goldilocks and you (the author) are going on a journey of discovery to see what your book will be about and she will be the guide or captain leading the way. These conversations will be taped and are very open-ended (without any structure). Goldilocks will encourage you to just tell stories without considering which ones will be included in your final manuscript.

She may play devil’s advocate to really encapsulate all sides of your story.  Some questions that she may ask during these sessions might be…

  • Why did you do that at that point?
  • How did you feel about…?
  • What were the reasons for making that change?
  • Why did you do that before this…?

You may express concern about the following issue…

You say, you are not sure if uncle John would want this story in the book. Goldilocks will reassure you that in the end it will be your choice.

As mentioned earlier, all her interviews with you will be recorded and will be about 2 hours in length with at least 2-3 sessions a week.  Goldilocks will transcribe and review each session’s conversation in preparation for her next meeting with you. Keep in mind that if more or less time is needed to complete this phase, so be it!

STEP 2: Blueprint/Book Outline

(The time needed to complete this Step will depend on several variables but it is important that the foundation built at this point be done without consideration about hours or days needed to complete the task.)

FIRST, we will determine how many broad Sections there will be in your manuscript and get a general idea about the scope of each one.

NEXT, we will see how many Chapters will be needed in each Section and then compose/annotate what information will be covered in each one.

At this point we are not going into great detail saying… This paragraph will say this or that…

It is not a line by line, paragraph by paragraph outline.

Goldilocks will use bullet points to indicate which stories will be told as well as anecdotes and topics that are covered within each Chapter. It is important to be clear at this moment why you are including the particular chapter, the rest will come later.

FINALLY, it is also a great idea to write a possible back cover copy because it can make clear the purpose of your book as well as its main benefits and will answer…

What promise does it deliver?

Let you see literally…

-What information you have so far.

-How much you’re missing.

The outcome of Step 2 is an Outline or Blueprint of what the book will contain and if more information is needed in order to fill in areas of this summary that appear thin, then Goldilocks will interview you again to try and fill in the gaps.

STEP 3: A very Messy Draft Is Created

Goldilocks will write the first Chapter of your manuscript and the copy will be very rough certainly far from a fully edited document. She will share this Chapter with you and will get your feedback about which parts and pieces you like and which things should be taken out of the copy.

Two things will happen here, you will get a very good idea of how Goldilocks takes the raw material gathered earlier and how she composes fluid copy. When you read this Chapter, it may spark some ideas or a story that you hadn’t thought about until now and want to incorporate it into the manuscript.

The same process described in this Step will be carried out for each subsequent Chapter until you finally have a very unscrubbed full manuscript. It won’t look pretty but that is to be expected at this point in the process and you shouldn’t expect a clean coherent copy right now.

While navigating through Step 3, Goldilocks will be in touch with you on a weekly basis.

STEP 4: Draft Revisions

(The time needed to complete this Step may take several months and no new material should be added to the manuscript after this revision)

Rewrite, revise, and rework the rough manuscript to include all new ideas, material, themes, etc. If there are still areas of your manuscript that need more meat then Goldilocks will ask you to…

Help her find other research materials in the form of articles, blog posts, etc. to spark more discussions.

In addition, Goldilocks will revisit content from the transcripts of her Discovery discussions with you (from Step 1) to see if information can be found to fill in the holes in your book manuscript.

STEP 5: Edit and Polish Your Book Manuscript

(No new material is included in the copy at this stage and if you require more content to be added then previous Steps will have to be revisited before completing this final Step before moving on to the publishing process)

Goldilocks will have her husband who is a Certified Copy Editor do the line editing and proofreading of your manuscript to get it publishing ready.

Congratulations! Your manuscript is ready and now you will start the process of getting a traditional publisher or decide to self-publish your work.  Whichever path you take, Goldilocks will hold your hand through the process and she is only a click away.

Contact Goldilocks
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Pick up the phone: 914-944-1474

Goldilocks Wishes You Luck with Your Journey to Become an Author!