Goldilocks Methodology/Process: Fiction/Novel Query Letter, Marketing Plan and Book Synopsis

Goldilocks knows that there is a big difference between a Nonfiction Query letter and subsequent Book Proposal and a Fiction Query submission to a literary agent/publisher.

For those of you interested in writing a Nonfiction book manuscript, follow her Methodology/Process for the Nonfiction Book submission pathway involving all the components necessary for a manuscript submission…

Goldilocks Methodology/Process: Nonfiction Book Query Letter/Book Proposal

Let’s continue…

Following the correct Novel submission pathway will…

-Allow literary agents or publishers to evaluate your novel manuscript based on its plot, character development, and conflict.

-Prove to them that you have the creative ability and writing skills necessary to be published.

-Let you focus your thinking and evaluate your own writing prior to its submission. The proposal may help you identify flaws in your novel, which you can fix.

Here are the basic components that are generally required (see note below on the Synopsis links) that make up your novel submission package.

which will include the following elements…

-Create the Title Page

-Personalization: Where You Customize the Letter for Each Recipient

-Manuscript Specifications

-What you’re selling: genre/category, word count, title/subtitle

-The “Hook,” the Meat of Your Query Letter

-Author Bio/Credentials

-Closing/Showing Appreciation and Next Steps/Options

-Sample Chapters Submission

Novel Synopsis Submission

If the literary agents/publishers where you are pitching your novel request that you send a book Synopsis then Goldilocks will now show you her Methodology/Process for composing both the long and short form so that you can have them ready to go.

Whether you plan to seek a traditional publishing path or go the independent route, you will have to show that you are willing and ready to help market your book.  Goldilocks has provided a detailed template for composing this document.

Goldilocks Methodology/Process: Fiction Book Marketing Plan


Goldilocks is aware that composing all of these parts and pieces for your Fiction Book submission can seem very complicated and she wants you to know that she can coach you through all of these steps or if you would rather have her write the whole proposal, just reach out to her and make your wishes known.

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