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Once upon a time, Linda Odubayo Thompson (a.k.a. “Goldilocks”), was a self-employed Accountant/Financial Advisor, who assisted many businesses to keep one step ahead of the dreaded Internal Revenue Service. She was committed to helping small businesses to reach their potential growth at a slow but steady pace.

After 30 years of hard work in the financial world, Linda decided to become a Copywriter. For her dream to come true, she submitted herself to a lifelong rigorous learning program, which compelled her to hungrily consume tons of learning materials. Linda knew quite well that working in this industry required ongoing education, hence she spent several work hours each week adding new skills, updating others and trying to keep up with the most ever-changing marketing trends.

In this same fighting spirit, Linda continued in her effort to work toward and obtain a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification from the pioneer of SEO Copywriting, Heather Lloyd Martin.

She saw and took note when working with her digital clients that so many small businesses could not afford to hire a good Designer and Copywriter, but also knew that it was critical that they get help with their Online presence.

As a result, her E-Handbook was born, it encompasses over 250 pages, offering time-tested quality hints, guidelines, and various tips geared toward making your Online/digital presence a place where your visitors will enjoy returning to do business with you, time and time again.

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As a ghost writer, she is currently working on two memoirs.  In addition, is compiling another business marketing book and has taken all the knowledge that she has amassed being an author herself and has provided a very extensive section of her Website devoted to her…

Ghosting Services: Ghosting Your Book

For compiling/composing Query Letters, Book Proposals and Marketing Plan submissions to literary agents.

In addition, she is constantly updating her…

Author Resource Center

Providing manuscript submission checklists and the important Author Platform recommendations.

Reach out to Goldilocks using one of the methods below, and she will be happy to offer you guidance on how to get that book of your dreams written and published.

She is looking forward to hearing from you and of course your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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Linda Odubayo Thompson
(a.k.a. “Goldilocks”)
Book Author/Ghost Writer/Website Usability Specialist

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