Goldilocks Ghost Writer/Book Coaching Service

Hello Mama Bear and Daddy Bear!”

“What brings you to my office today?”

Daddy Bear says, “I am a thought leader in my industry and want to teach others my processes that have brought me success as an Environmental Engineer.”

“Do you want Goldilocks to handle the whole journey from researching your concept/topic  through writing your manuscript, getting it published and helping you to market your book?”

“Oh yes Goldilocks! I just don’t have time to make it all happen” sighs Daddy Bear.

“Don’t worry Daddy Bear, Goldilocks has your back and you will still be a big part of this project taking your baby to the Amazon shopping cart and so on…”

“Thank you so much Goldilocks, can I learn more about how you will get it all done for me?” asks Daddy Bear.

“Sure thing,” comments Goldilocks!

Just follow these links and visit Goldilocks

Methodology Nonfiction Query Letter and Book Proposal

Methodology Fiction Book Query Letter and Synopsis

And her……

Author Resource Center

“Now for you Mama Bear, what can Goldilocks do to make your day special?”

“Well Goldilocks, I want to have a part in writing my book but I have tons of menus and piles of content that should be included in my manuscript but don’t have a clue how to organize it all. My book will be entitled “Healthy Eating for Bear Families around the World”

“Wow! That sounds like a great book idea. Goldilocks can coach you through the whole process and you can help write your manuscript as well. She will hold your hand leading you down the road toward publication of your book”

“That sounds like a plan, Goldilocks and can’t wait to get started!” says an excited Mama Bear.

Here is a detailed view of the whole process so that you see what to expect partnering with Goldilocks!

Goldilocks Ghosting Services Portal

Now, to my other visitors who have landed on my website…

Can you identify with either Mama Bear or Daddy Bear’s situation?

They both want to become authors but have different approaches and time limitations.

Would you feel comfortable taking advantage of a FREE consultation with Goldilocks to see what your journey would look like becoming the author you have always dreamed about?

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Goldilocks Wishes You Luck with Your Journey to Become an Author!